4 Popular Uses of Botox

Botox® works wonders for aging skin, but it isn’t just used for cosmetic enhancements. Yes, it can smooth smile lines and forehead wrinkles, but it’s also an excellent therapy for migraines, neck pain, and other types of pain management.

Our Botox experts at Apex Medical Professionals in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, are highly skilled in providing pain relief from a number of conditions. Dr. Walid Elkhalili and his team of specialists use Botox injections to slow the natural aging process and offer customized pain management plans.

What is Botox?

Botox is derived from a neurotoxin called botulinum. It may sound a little scary, but Botox is so effective in treating migraine pain that the Food and Drug Administration approved it in 2010 as a suitable treatment for the condition.

The injection works by using a toxin called onabotulinumtoxinA to induce muscle paralysis. This smooths wrinkles, but it’s also an effective option if you’re dealing with migraines, strabismus, or even an overactive bladder.

What can Botox fix?

Using Botox in combination with other therapies like vitamin infusions can provide relief from many common ailments. Here are four common conditions that Botox can prevent or correct.


Botox injection treatments ease headache and migraine pain. Instead of just prescribing pills, Dr. Elkhalili first identifies the underlying cause of your chronic head pain. 

If tension or muscle spasms are causing your chronic migraines, Botox can provide quick and effective pain relief. A Botox injection into the muscles causing the pain halts the contractions and spasms, alleviating migraine distress. One Botox injection can help prevent headaches for 8-12 weeks.

Overactive bladder

An overactive bladder can happen to anyone at any age, and it’s nothing to be shy or embarrassed about. In fact, talking to a professional about this problem can provide you with many options for relief. 

In the same way that Botox relaxes contracting muscles that cause migraines, it also reduces urinary incontinence by relaxing muscles. If you have muscles in your bladder that contract too often even when they shouldn’t, you have an overactive bladder. Botox injections relax the bladder muscles, preventing or reducing the urgent need to urinate. 

Crossed eyes

When your eyes don’t line up correctly and your eyes turn in different directions, you have a condition known as strabismus (including crossed eyes).

When the muscles in your face that regulate eye movement stop working correctly, you have trouble controlling your eye movement. Botox treats strabismus quickly by simply weakening eye muscles that are working overtime. Plus, if you’re dealing with chronic eye twitching, Botox can help.

Excessive sweating

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) occurs even if you’re not hot. Botox is FDA-approved for treating hyperhidrosis of the armpits. It’s also used for extreme perspiration in other areas of your body, like your hands, feet, and face. 

The Botox injection swiftly and effectively blocks nerves that control your sweat glands.

Can Botox help you?

Do you have chronic migraine pain or are you suffering from an overactive bladder? Botox might be the ideal solution for you. Please don’t wait another minute. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Fair Lawn, New Jersey, practice.

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