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It’s estimated that nearly 7% of all adults in the United States have at least one episode of major depression and that 18% suffer from anxiety. Walid Elkhalili, MD, and the team at Apex Medical Professionals specialize in treating all health conditions that affect adults, including problems like anxiety and depression. If you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment, call the office in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, or use the online booking feature.

Anxiety and Depression Q & A

When should I seek help for depression?

The everyday blues are so common that many people tend to think that all types of depression will go away on their own. However, ongoing depression is due to an imbalance in brain chemicals, which is a problem that requires medical treatment.

Your depression may be more than transitory blues when you:

  • Lose interest in activities you usually enjoy
  • Feel hopeless or worthless
  • Feel fatigued
  • Sleep more or less than normal
  • Eat more or less than normal
  • Lose your ability to concentrate
  • Gain or lose weight unintentionally
  • Feel agitated or restless
  • Think about suicide

If you experience any of these symptoms for two weeks or longer, it’s a sign you may need medical care at Apex Medical Professionals.

When should I seek help for anxiety?

You can’t go through life without feeling some anxiety, whether it’s worry over the first day of a new job, frustration due to a traffic jam, or fear before speaking in public. However, normal anxiety should go away when the event that triggered the feeling is over.

Anxiety that persists often needs medical attention to help you overcome the problem. It’s important not to let anxiety persist too long because it’s dangerous for your health. When levels of the stress hormone cortisol stay higher than normal, it can cause many serious problems, from weight gain to cardiovascular disease.

There are several types of anxiety disorders that each have unique symptoms. However, generalized anxiety disorder — when you often feel excessive anxiety and worry about daily events — causes symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty controlling your worries
  • Hard time concentrating
  • Feeling restless
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Easily startled
  • Feeling on edge
  • Having a sense of impending danger

When your symptoms are ongoing or become severe enough to interrupt your normal daily routine, it’s time to seek medical care.

What treatment might I receive for anxiety and depression?

The team at Apex Medical Professionals provides medical care for anxiety and depression. They prescribe medications that relieve your symptoms by balancing brain chemicals, then they provide ongoing medication management, monitoring your response to the medication and adjusting your prescription as needed.

In addition to medical care, the team at Apex Medical Professionals helps you make dietary adjustments. Certain nutrients are needed to synthesize the brain chemicals that maintain your mood. Often making just a small change in your diet can improve your mood.

When symptoms of depression or anxiety won’t go away, call Apex Medical Professionals or book an appointment online.