Here's How You Can Avoid UTIs This Summer

Quick, can you think of a common illness or physical malady that’s associated with a season? The most famous season-sickness connections are probably the winter flu season and the spring allergy swing. 

While you’re aware of these two seasons, you may not know that UTIs also have a season in which they’re more common. Every summer, UTI rates spike. In his blog, we explain why this happens and what you can do to avoid a UTI this summer.

And if you do suffer from UTIs during the summer months, our experts at Apex Medical Professionals can help. Walid Elkhalili, MD, and the rest of our team work with you to both treat any UTI you come down with and determine if summer factors play a role. 

Dr. Elkhalili places a high priority on preventive care, wellness strategies, and health education.

A UTI refresher

A urinary tract infection refers to an infection in any part of your urinary system, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Both men and women can get UTIs, but women are more susceptible for two reasons:

In both cases, it’s easier for UTI-causing bacteria to reach the urinary system.

UTI symptoms

There are three types of UTIs, but the most common involves the bladder and urethra. Common UTI symptoms include:

On their own, UTIs are simply painful and annoying. But if left untreated, a UTI can eventually lead to a kidney infection and more serious problems.

UTIs and summer

Like the winter flu season, summer temperatures and activities produce excellent conditions for a UTI to develop. To start, summer heat makes it easier for germs and bacteria to grow. UTIs also thrive when you’re dehydrated, which can happen easily when temperatures are higher. 

Wet swimsuits provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Holding in your urine — as you might if you’re outside for long periods of time — also increases your UTI risk. Finally, sexual activity goes up during the summer, and sex often introduces bacteria to the urinary tract area.

What you can do this summer

The section above presents some clues about how to avoid a UTI this summer. Here are some tips from our medical team at Apex Medical Professionals:

Stay hydrated

Water dilutes bacteria and makes it harder for the bacteria to concentrate and cause an infection.

Don’t hold in urine

Be prepared to let out all of that water you drank to stay hydrated. Peeing evacuates bacteria that could cause a UTI.

Change after swimming

Get out of that wet swimsuit, especially if it’s tight. You don’t have to change immediately, but staying in a wet bathing suit for hours can increase your risk of a UTI.

Wipe the right way

After using the restroom, wipe from front to back. This reduces the chance that bacteria will reach your urethra.

UTI-safe sex

If you choose to have summertime sex, always pee afterward to eliminate bacteria.

Summer doesn’t have to be UTI season if you follow these guidelines. But if you do get a UTI, our team at Apex Medical Professionals will have you healed in no time. Call or request an appointment at our Fair Lawn, New Jersey, office today.

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